Update On My Life

I am a writer. But, um, I haven’t been writing.
At least not on here. 
I’m excited though, because some stuff is coming together with my other writing. 
I have so much going on right now, but it’s good, exhilarating, fun, hard and very tiring stuff.

Right now I’m in California with my family.
The second time in six months.
I’m excited about seeing cool stuff.
Like the Golden Gate Bridge and the Redwood Forest.
Great places to get ideas for my books.

Pictures taken by my adopted mom. Not of CA.

Back home the colors of Autumn are waning, and it’s beginning to turn cold and bleak.
Amazing weather for curling up and writing a book.
Pretty much, if you try hard enough, any weather is good for writing a book.
But cold, gray, bleak weather truly is inspirational for writing.

 Hopefully I’ll get to pick up my puppy on the 24th.
I’m very much looking forward to that.
I dreamed about it last night.
It will be fun posting pictures on here, and telling you her name.

I really like airports. 
It’s so enjoyable to sit and watch everything thats going on. 
The hustle and bustle. The rushing. 
The different nationalities. 
It’s fun wondering where they’re from. 
What they’re going to be doing. 
What they’re thinking about. 

Traveling is pretty neat.
After I’m done with this trip, I’ll have been gone for over 70 nights this year.
And that means I have lots of new material for my books.
And I’m happy.

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