Where Am I?

Let’s just say my life has been pretty crazy recently. I’m still here, doing all my normal stuff (except for updating my bog), plus doing tons of other stuff as well.
Here’s a little glimpse of my life:

* Company all of last week
* Company most of this week
* One of my best friends getting married on Sat. I’m doing the programs (doing, yes, as in they’re not done yet), and my sister is in charge of most of the decor, so I’m going to be helping her with that
* My birthday is on Sunday (Yikes!)
* I have something to go to few hours from here on Tuesday, then I’m heading a few hours further away on Wednesday and I’ll be gone until Saturday
* I have a Retreat starting that week, and I have all the menu planning to do
* Like two days after that I’m flying out to the West Coast for a week

So yeah, that is some of the *extra* stuff going on right now. And that’s all gonna happen in less than a month. I’ll be gone for almost two weeks during the next 25 or so days. Can you tell that I feel a bit overwhelmed, maybe?

Picture from my ‘adopted’ mom

Ok, so you remembered when I said I had some exciting news to share with you? Well, I wanna tell it to you really quickly, then I’ve got to go! (And this is not why I’ve been negligent in blogging, just sayin’!)

Quick Version:

I now have my own domain name: aidylewoh.com (Yea!!!)
I now have a public facebook page: Facebook/AidylEwohAuthor
I am now on google+: And yeah, I don’t know how to get you a link, but of course you can just look up “Aidyl Ewoh”

Anyway, there’s a lot more I want to tell you about my writing, but I’ve got to go get on with my day!
Thanks, y’all for sticking around. I really am thrilled to ‘know’ you through blogging. (Thinking about giving up my blog – story for another day- made me realize how much y’all mean to me!) 

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