50/50 Jaunt: Florida

florida. ah. i love it, and hate it. florida, florida, florida. it kinda just rolls off my tongue!


florida isn’t all fun though. sure, there’s a ton of stuff to do here, but, it’s so hot and so humid! so that sucks! so, you really don’t want to be outside unless it’s january or you’re in the pool.

florida is pretty much all city sadly. but, at least i can live in the suburbs of north east florida. here’s some pictures of my neighborhood and my dogs!

so, that’s my house. florida now, this is hard. how ’bout i show you disney world? my family has passes so we get to go all the time! here you go! here’s a lick of disney world!

all of that is the parade, and the last is a replica of the magic kingdom castle. so, come visit florida sometime! i’d love to meet you! if you’re going any time soon, please email me at beansizedbeads@gmail.com! thanks!

         Hi, I’m Meena. I’m an eleven-year old blogger, aspiring photographer, blog designer and jewelry maker. I enjoy great books, cherry-limeade, iced tea, tank tops and short shorts. In the winter I’m always begging my mom to buy tickets up north to see our family so I can play in the snow and wear jeans, white long sweaters and drink hot cocoa underneath the pine trees outside. Everyday I’m writing my journal about thoughts- good and bad- how ’bout you visit me sometime? I’d love it!
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