Where Dandelions Grow Part 11

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          Pulling out one of my nicer outfits the next morning after I had taken a shower, I slipped into it, then quickly brushed my hair and put in a clip, pulling my bangs back. I had decided to grow them out, and they were right at that really annoying stage. When Lexie sent me a text reminding me to be ready at eight, I was already sitting on a bench outside the house, journaling. 
          I had stayed up rather late the night before, working on sending emails to various editors. Having already published a handful of simple magazine and newspaper articles, I knew I wanted to do some more serious writing, hopefully ending up with a novel. Obviously, to have a finished novel, I would need an editor, so I’d been pursuing that angle for a while. It hadn’t taken me long to decide to leave my age off of the different emails I wrote, since for some odd reason it seemed most people had this silly mental block when it came to age. Oh my goodness. Nineteen-year-olds can’t write. Why aren’t you in collage?
         I journaled about the progress I was making, which actually didn’t take very much time. Most of the time I wrote down my frustrations about not making more headway. I pretty much had no clue where to start. I’m sure Dad would have been able to give me some pointers, but since I wasn’t telling anyone what I was doing, I couldn’t really get his advice on the matter. Oh well. It would just be that much more special to me when I finally got to hold a completed novel in my hands… No matter how many years it would take me. 
           “Hope you don’t mind that we’re walking.” 
           Glancing up, I saw Lexie standing there in a blue skirt and white sweater. “And don’t you look cute this morning.” Slipping my journal into my bag I gave her a hug then we started down the street together. 
           “I’m sure you’ve noticed, but this place is so small everyone pretty much walks everywhere.”
            “No, really?” I grinned at my cousin, sometimes she told me the most obvious things. 
           “We’re having a guest speaker today.” Lexie’s eyes lit up. “I think you’ll really enjoy him. His name is John Maxwell, and he’s a leadership expert.” 
           “Really?” I was truly curious. That didn’t exactly sound like the kind of guy I imagined talking at her church.
           “Yeah. He talks a lot about success.”
          “Success? Um, I don’t really want to be successful in life, remember? My mom drove me nuts on that point.” 
           Lexie grinned in such a way to make me really wonder what to expect. “I don’t think you’ll find this guy boring. Or disagreeable.” 
           “I guess we’ll just have to see about that, won’t we?” 
           The church was brick and nice looking, although I was expecting stain-glass windows and instead they were just regular. It was also bigger than I imagined. Maybe about big enough for three hundred people. Not the cute, white, little country church I was picturing. The entryway was crowded with people standing around, chattering. Right away I noticed that there were a lot of younger people there. Kids about my age. I’m guessing they were collage students. 
           “I’ve been helping out in the nursery, but I’m off this week. Even if I wasn’t, I would have tried to get someone to take my place, ‘cause I want to sit with you.” 
           “I’m just an excuse,” I said. “You really want to hear this guy speak about success or leadership, or whatever he’s going to talk about.” 
           Lexie tried not to smile, but I could see she was anyway, ‘cause she has a dimple on her chin whenever she’s trying to hide something. “Ok, true enough. I’ve read a lot of his books, so it’s no wonder I’m excited about hearing him in person.” 
         “So, why didn’t you tell me before now that he was going to be speaking?”
          “I would have if you hadn’t wanted to come, but you agreed to accompany me so readily, that I didn’t need to work at persuading you any.” 
          “Yeah, I am pretty cool like that.” 
          There was a lady up in front on the stage and she began playing music on a piano, so we found some seats and sat down. After a guy got up there and prayed, everyone sang several songs that not only had the piano being played with them, but also a guitar and some drums. It was actually kind of fun. Then the same guy who had prayed got up there again and introduced the speaker, John Maxwell. Everyone clapped and cheered when he walked on stage. 
          He looked like he was in his 50’s, or maybe even older, not what I was expecting.  He didn’t look exceptional, except for his smile, that was great. And when I say he didn’t look exceptional, I mean there was nothing extremely striking in his appearance. He was neat (as in tidy) looking, and wore a gray suit coat over his white shirt and silvery pants. 

One thought on “Where Dandelions Grow Part 11

  1. Sarah Rudolph says:

    Hey Aidyl! I really(10x) like this story! I started reading it when I got home from school and just kept reading till I was finished all you had on here! So interesting, can't wait to read more!


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