Writing Wednesday – 001

Writing Wednesday: 
* I’m doing a really cool writing challenge, 100 words for 100 days
So far I’ve written 1,330 words on the book since the tenth, not a lot,
 but I’m at least getting somewhere on it
* The most I’ve ever written in a day is 14,000 words
* The most I’ve ever written in six weeks is 47,000 words
* Those two ^ don’t really seem to add up,
What happens, though, is I write a huge amount, then can’t write for a while
* Most of my books take me about three months to write:
– I write a third of the book in two months of the time
– Then I write a third of the book in about a week
– Then I write the last third in a day or so
Pretty much, that’s what happens every. single. time.
* Once I wrote a kids book (27,000 words, I think) in seven days
* I’m really hoping to do NaNoWriMo, I’ve never done it before, but have heard about it for years
What do y’all think? Have you done it before? Is it worth it?
So, this is a new idea for me. Like very new. I wasn’t even planning on this when I started my post this morning, but it ended up being a lot better than the other stuff I was thinking of posting. 
Do you think I should start doing Writing Wednesday’s? Posts where I discuss different things about my writing? I mean, I probably wouldn’t do them every week, maybe a couple of times a month? What’yathink? Oh yeah, and if you want to comment with your stats that go along with what I have up there ^, that would be fun!

2 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday – 001

  1. Yolanda Renee says:

    I don't really keep stats, except for once. I just write, but I do know I've passed the 1 million limit on words. I need the practice! 🙂

    Sharing your experiences is what folks love, nice to know we're not alone in our idiosyncrasies.


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