Where Dandelions Grow Part 10

Hey y’all, I’m here with more of Where Dandelions Grow. So, what do you think of it so far? I really (make that really, really, really) like getting feedback on my writing!


  “Wanna go to church with me tomorrow?” Lexie’s hair was down today, curled slightly and wispy in the wind. 
  “Sure.” I had no reason not to and I figured it would be a fun thing to go back to the church where I spent so many happy Sundays as a child. Each day new memories were coming back to me, and I scribbled them all down, hoping to one day use them in a book. 
  “Great then. I’ll come to your house at around eight tomorrow morning.” 
  “Sounds good.” 
  “Do you want to get some ice cream?” 
  I glanced at Lexie’s trim waist, “How can you eat so much junk food and not gain any weight?” 
  “I don’t eat a lot of junk food.” Lexie tossed her hair over her shoulder as she began walking toward the dinner that served ice cream. “I just like some yummy sweets every once in a while.”
  “Ok then. Whatever.” I gave in and followed after her, determining to get a smaller size this time than I had before. “Did Grandma apologize to you when you met her?” 
   Lexie gave me a sheepish look. 
   “What? I thought you’d told me you meet her.” Lexie wouldn’t have lied to me, would she?
  “I did meet her.” Lexie looked up at the sky. “I just didn’t tell her who I was.” 
  “You didn’t tell her who you were? And here I thought you were my fearless cousin.” 
  “Cousin, yes. Fearless, no.”
  “I sorta figured that one out on my own.” I laughed. Back when we were kids, I was freaked out about everything and Lexie loved to prove that life wasn’t quite as scary as I deemed it. I think we’ve both experienced a good bit of reality since than and while I will admit that noises at night don’t freak me out any more, life isn’t the calm, comforting place Lexie once thought it was. 

  My first thought when getting home from my afternoon with Lexie was to check on my email. Hoping, and yet knowing it was unrealistic, that Teal had emailed me back, I turned on my laptop. I just about squealed when I saw that I had received an email from her. Instead of clicking on it right away, I just sat there for a few minutes looking at it. I don’t how other people are, but when I get something I’m really excited about, or that I’ve been waiting for, for a while, I don’t open it right away. I savor the moment. Waiting. Finding the right moment before finally digging in and finding out what I’ve received. 
   Wow! Destiny, is this really you? 
When I first got the email, I was like ‘No way!’ but then after thinking about it for a few minutes, and re-reading the email several times, I realized that it was indeed you. Believe me, it was a really strange feeling. I hardly remembered you, but every time I read the email over, more and more memories of you and Lexie and Kammy came pouring into my head. Finally I had to just go over to my cello and work them all out into music. 
   When I was done playing Charlie (my cello), I went and found one of the old photo albums that Mom and I made of my summers spent with you girls. When I told Mom about the email, she was really excited. She says we cousins always had so much fun together, and that you’re welcome to come here for a visit. We so have to keep in contact from now on! Yeah, I know that isn’t the best grammar, but hey, it’s an email, right? But yeah, I can hardly wait to hear back from you. You’ll have to email me all about your life and have Lexie email me too. I told Dad I wanted to track down Kamryn, so he has one of the guys doing that. I’ll email you when I hear something about her. Shouldn’t take long, ‘cause our guys are really good at research. 
  Anywho, my cello tutor is coming, so I’ve got to go and get ready. I seriously am so happy to think of being in contact with you gals again! 
  Teal O.

  Finishing reading the email, I was just about on top of the world. Quickly I sent a text to Lexie, letting her know that Teal had emailed me, and then sent Teal a reply. I told her how I had been raised in California and my dad worked for a newspaper there. There wasn’t a ton from my years in California that I thought she’d be interested in, so instead I gave her a little bit of an update about how things in Swallow Ridge were. I told her some about Grandma, assuring her that she would love to meet her. (Only later did I find out that Grandma and Teal were already in concat with each other.)
  Some of the things she wrote about in her email surprised me: Her dad was having some ‘guys’ track down Kamryn? And she had photo albums of when we were kids. It made it sound like her mom wasn’t so against us cousins like the rest of our moms were. 

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