Answers To Questions {Part 1}

  1. Seriously, you guys are amazing! Some of the questions you came up with made me shake my head *no way am I going to answer THAT!* Other ones made me search my mind and still others made me get excited.
1. What inspired you to write?
Good question! 
I come from a family that really likes to read, so therefore I grew up… Reading. (Can you believe that?) When us kids were younger, my parents were very particular about what kind of books we read, and so therefore it was kinda difficult to have a good supply of books on hand. I decided that I was going to write books when I grew up, so other kids wouldn’t have the same challenge that I had.
Of course my ideals, goals and settings have changed a lot since then, but that’s what originally inspired me. Oh, and my older sister liked to write short stories to read to us kids. =)

  1. Aubrey {<—She’s my cousin, by the way.} asks:
  2. 2. What is your darkest secret?
My answer? Ha! You think I’m going to tell? You might not realize it, but this is a public blog. Therefore, if I tell what my darkest secret is, it (shhhh!) won’t be a secret any more. *Gasp* {Actually I don’t have anything that comes to mind right away, but I’m sure if I thought about it for a minute second, then I would.}

  1. Then Kiri Liz has several questions (Yea for Kiri Liz!):
  2. 3. Where is your favorite place to write?
Right now my favorite place to write is in my chair in my bedroom. It’s sitting catty-corner right near my bed, my window, and a shelf. 
  1. 4. What is your favorite snack? 
Oh, wow…  I have several: A. Apple cut up with peanut-butter. B. String cheese, baby dill pickles and pretzels. Or C. Caesar salad. 
  1. 5. Do you have a favorite memory? 
I really have a lot of ‘favorite’ memories. Maybe I’ll have to do a post on them sometime? Anyone, one of my favorite memories would be… *As I sit here for the next twenty minutes, trying to figure out which of the many memories I should share*
Alright, deep breath, here it goes:
Nine years ago this month, (about two weeks from now), was a very amazing day in the history of our life. (“Our” as in my sisters and cousins, Alexa and Aubrey.) We were having a sleepover with each other, which we did all the time growing up, but this time, something was different… Our parent’s didn’t give us a bedtime. 
Seriously, that was a huge deal! We always had a bedtime, because if we didn’t get enough sleep, we were grumps the next day, which our parents didn’t like dealing with. So anyway, we felt incredibly grown up… And not only that, but we were very responsible and decided to go to bed fairly early anyone, so that hopefully our parents would allow us to have the same privilege again. And that’s my memory! =D
{My ‘adopted’ parents are in Montana right now, digging up fossils, *how cool is that!* and my adopted mom took these pictures. By the way, I really want to go to Montana some time, so if any of you want to invite me out…}

Anyway, I hope you liked my answers, and if you have any more questions, feel free to ask them. Part 2 coming soon… to a bookstore near you! (Yeah, it’s getting late. ‘Night, y’all!)

4 thoughts on “Answers To Questions {Part 1}

  1. JasminTriesToBlog says:

    This is a great post dear! It's a great way to interact with your fellow bloggers and for us to get to know you better 🙂 Thanks a lot for your sweet comment on my blog 🙂 I just read your email and I'd love to feature you some time! Anyway, I'm following you back. Looking forward to more posts from you ❤


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