Poem Challenge

So, I’m entering this poem challenge. What do y’all think?

The Cry 

A cry reached my ears from far, far away,
Heedlessly, from my task I will not sway.

Someone else will tend to the hurting one,
If I stop now, my job will go undone. 

Yet a little time more, no relief is heard, 
“Just send someone else!” I cry to the Lord. 

I have grown weary, yet keep shutting it out,
Still their cry grows louder until it’s a shout. 

Diligently at my task I stay, 
Keeping to my job, come what may.

At last the day comes when no cry is heard, 
“Thank You,” I say, “For sending someone, Lord!” 

Then in the quiet I hear my King’s voice,
“You, my child, have made the wrong choice.

No one went to the lost and dying soul,
To have you go, has aways been My goal.

Your task is not so important that it cannot wait,
If the soul is not guided soon, it will be too late. 

The cry is not heard by you any more, 
Because your heart is not soft like before. 

Hard as a rock you have let it become, 
Until to the cry of the lost it’s accustom. 
Leave your task now, and answer the cry, 
A soul for the Kingdom who will never die.”

4 thoughts on “Poem Challenge

  1. Neeley says:

    I picture is so beautiful! Where is it?
    And the poem is breath-taking. Your a brillant writer! And I don't think I've mentioned it but I love the new blog name!



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