50/50 Jaunt – MINNESOTA (Michlyn)

{Aidyl’s Note: See more about the 50/50 Jaunt Here}

Hey everyone!
When Aidyl said she was doing a 50/50 Jaunt for the whole U.S. – I was so excited!! I thought it would be so fun to share about my home state. So here I go…

A little about me:
My name is pronounced “Mikelynn”. I’ve lived in the same small town my entire life – here in the state of Minnesota. I’m 15 years old, and have a big family. I’m a volleyball player, music lover, shopaholic, perfectionist, & Jesus freak. I would love if you went to visit my blog, Small Town Girl!
Next, here are some questions that Aidyl wanted me to answer about Minnesota.

1. If there were any place in your State you would like to visit, where would it be?

There is a city way up north, called War Road. It’s famous for hockey, and I think it would be a great road trip for my family to make. We’ve always loved hockey!

2. What is your favorite thing about the State you live in?

My favorite thing is that the seasons change…….
 In the Winter, there are ski hills you can go to

 In the Fall you can visit Duluth, & Taylor’s Falls – When the colors are just gorgeous!

In the Summer, there are many beaches to swim at and sprinklers to run through. (This is Eget Beach)

In the Spring, you can lay outside & read a good book – With only a sweatshirt on.
3. What (if any) is a common misunderstanding people have about your State?
I guess something that is commonly misundestood, is that Minnesotans have accents. I’ve rarely met someone who has had an accent in Minnesota. I’ve visited Chicago, Illinois – New Orleans, Louisiana & Lincoln, Nebraska – No one has said we have accents. 🙂

Here some other fun facts:

Minnesota is the home of…
The Vikings – Football
The Twins – Baseball
Our state flower is the Lady Slipper
Our state bird is the Loon
So that is basically Minnesota in a nut-shell. Hope you enjoyed my little post! 🙂

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