Y’all, guess what I’m getting… 
{Something I’m really excited about by the way.}
It’s a simple little thing called a dog. 
::squeals of joy::
A puppy really. 
And no, I guess when you think about it, it’s not so simple after all. 
Do you remember back in July when my dog, Scout, died? 
Well, I started researching dogs, because I knew I wanted to get another one, and instead of getting a mutt this time, I wanted to get one that I could breed *Life-long dream of mine, by the way*. 

And so the searching began. And it took longer than I thought it would. And then when I got a specific dog breed in mind, my brother helped me find a good breeder. And that took some time, too. 

When we finally found someone who was ‘perfect’ for what we were looking for, ::huge smiles:: I was really excited except there was one small hitch. The puppies weren’t even due for over a month. That meant it would be like at least three months before I would have another dog. Annnddd, it meant I wouldn’t get my puppy during the summer, which was something I was looking forward to. 

(I found out with my Christmas puppy *Scout* that it’s not really that much fun to housebreak a dog in the cold of winter. I mean, rapidly running out into the snow in the middle of a January night isn’t really the most fun thing in the world…) ::shivers with the memory::

Some of my family and I went to see the dogs parents before we decided to reserve a puppy, and I was kind of really getting excited then, counting down the days until the puppy’s due date. And guess what, the puppies have been born now! So, sometime in October, I shall have a new puppy. And I’m really happy about it. ::crazy huge grin::

So that’s kind of my excitement in life right now. Hope all you un-puppy fans don’t mind my ramblings. But puppies are fun. Just thought you should know that. (Oh, and a ton of work. Did I mention that they’re a lot of work?) ::shakes head wondering what is going on in her brain::
Oh, and before I forget (actually I already forgot, so I’m adding this in), I’m getting a golden retriever. Yea!

All pics in this post from pintrest

3 thoughts on “Puppies!

  1. Morgan J says:

    Puppy's!!! Congratulations!! How exciting!! Some day I would like to breed ether dogs, cats, or horses. I'm undecided as to witch, but reading your post has me leaning at lest for the present towards dogs. What breed are they? And are you going to get more than one? Have heaps of fun.
    Morgan J


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