50/50 jaunt- INDIANA ( a guest post by Ruby)

{Aidyl’s Note: See more about the 50/50 Jaunt Here}

Hello out there! I am Ruby, and I am going to guest post about Indiana. To tell you about it, Indiana has lots and lots of fields. It also is home to the Indy 500 race. It is also home to Abraham Lincoln. 🙂 It has a few states parks that are super super awesome! Here are some photos (I TOOK!) and facts.

This was taken on an awesome trail in Indiana. I forgot what one.. 🙂 

I raise Monarch Butterflies

This was NOT taken in Africa, 
it was taken in the Indianapolis zoo, Indianapolis is the capitol
of Indiana. 

A city in Indianapolis 

 This was taken at Indiana Beach, it is a HUGE amusement park.
Its is awesome!

robins are sooooooo common in my area! 
Cardinals our our state bird. 
The below photos where taken at Turkey Run state park.
One of the most awesome places to hike in Indiana. 


The next photos were taken at an awesome trail to.

So yea, Indiana is pretty awesome! but seriously.. I think it is kinda boring to. 

1. What is your favorite thing about the State you live in?
Probably the safeness. Indiana is a pretty safe place. No bombings, crashing buildings, sinkholes, shootings, etc.

2. What (if any) is a common misunderstanding people have about your State?
It’s boring? :/ not to sure.

3. If there were any place in your State you would like to visit, where would it be?
Mr. Lincoln’s house! 😀

Now a little about my self:

My name is Ruby, I love God, books, and photography. I am very random.Please follow my photography blog!

Well that sums it all up, any questions just comment!

One thought on “50/50 jaunt- INDIANA ( a guest post by Ruby)

  1. Orthodontist says:

    You have quite an eye for photography. Symmetry. Angles. Perspective. Lines. You must have some professional experience or quite an amazing natural gift.

    We just came back from a stay at Lincoln State Park in Indiana. We visited the Pigeon Creek cemetery where we paid our respects and laid flowers at the grave of Sarah Grigsby Lincoln and then later at the grave of Nancy Hanks Lincoln.

    Did you happen to see the movie, Lincoln and if so, what did you think of it?


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