Black and White (a Guest Post by Neeley)


I’m a black and white girl and love the extraction of the color, giving the emotions and light a real feeling. I never really thought about it until I took a photography class this summer, but now I am simply in love with turning black and white pictures. It’s a way to take away all color and all the distractions and simply get that one feelings you want. There are so many shades, and so many stories to be to be told when the color is replaced by a simple color that turns a boring photo into something great.

You can get down to the rough emotions, the slight touches, and the natural feel with black and white. You can get down to the memory and nothing else. You can get down to simply life.

But there is good to color pictures too, it’s real life. But sometimes when you just want a feeling? Black and white works.

That’s why I love every black and white photo. 

About Me: I’m Neeley. I am simply a girl on a journey to run free in the hope of Christ, writing it all down and capturing photos along the way. I ramble constantly about stargazing, running free, and the Nothern Lights. I blog at Run Free.

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