About Me (Sort Of)


{Looking back over the post, it makes my room seem very childish… It’s not really.}
Actually, this post is more about where I live. I like picturing where writers write, and since I spend hours upon hours writing and editing in my room, I thought I’d give you a little idea of what it’s like. I’ve said it before, but I’ll mention it again: I live in the old hay loft of a barn.

(Wouldn’t that —> be cool? By the way, none of these pictures are of my bedroom… =)

I have four windows and two doors and no closet in my {rather small} bedroom. 
When I get a name tag, I like to keep it and put it on my wall. I can see eight of them right now. 

I don’t have a lot of bookshelves in my room, but I have a lot of books. Therefore I use a beam (remember, I live in a barn), as a bookshelf, and have the books piled up four -high on it.

When I sit up in bed, my head touches the ceiling. 

(This <—- Is sort of what my bed is like)

I’m up in the third story of our barn. 

I like framing pictures and quotes, I have around 30 of them in my room.


I’ve never been good at keeping inside plants alive, although at least two of my brothers rock at it. My one brother has over fifty plants in one room of his house. I, meanwhile, have one {very hearty} little plant that gets watered about once every month or two. 

I like keeping my windows open all the time, even when it’s freezing outside.

 Half of my curtains are made out of one of my sister’s old dress, the other half used to be my Grandma’s. 


I like putting cards and post cards {from my adopted parents} up on my walls/beams. I have over sixty of them on one wall. 

I have three or so stuffed animals on my bed, I kind of use them as pillows. 

My room is a random jumble, but fairly clean. 

My little sister {who actually is way taller than me} broke my fan chain a year ago, so if I have my light on, my fan is on also. 

I make sure my room is straightened and everything is in place at least once a week.

So, how was that for a random post? 
What’s unique about your room? 

19 thoughts on “About Me (Sort Of)

  1. Sierra says:

    Oh wow I just love that first picture! I also enjoyed hearing about your room. Is sounds so unique! Ummmm…I share a room with 2 younger sisters. The way it is unique is that on our walls by our beds (a bunk bed and a regular bed) we put up posters and such. So each of our little sections is “ours” and decorated by us. It's cool 🙂 Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!


  2. Kiri Liz says:

    Love that first pic! I'd love a wall of bookshelves like that! Yeah, I'd kinda need one that big, too. 🙂

    I share a room with three sisters, almost four. My youngest sister, KT, hasn't quite made the journey into the big girl room yet. I guess what you could call the funnest part of our room is what we call the Anne of Green Gables window. It's an old fashioned window that swings open into the room and looks just like the sort of window that Anne would have. 🙂


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