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It’s a dark, stormy night, which, by the way, is the prefect kind of night to have fun with sisters. And that’s what I’m doing. My two youngest sisters (who aren’t so young any more), are hanging out in my bedroom with me, so I decided to let them help with a blog post… Who knows what we’ll come up with! So hold on tight and here we go:

Mariah: Have you ever done summersaults when it’s raining??? Or danced in the rain with a tree??? 

Johanna: I wish I could be funny all the time. People laugh at me but I don’t know if it’s because I’m funny or if it’s because I’m a dork? 

Aidyl: No, you’re really funny. 

Johanna: Thanks. Are you writing all of this? I think you’re going to regret posting this later on. 

Mariah: Have you ever wanted to do a cartwheel, but you’re afraid to do it, and you just keep running and running instead of throwing yourself onto your hands?

Johanna: Yeah, I ran a marathon once that way. Keep talking Mariah, you’re the one who boosts my sense of humor. Don’t write that, Aidyl! She actually doesn’t. I don’t want her to have the credit!  

So yeah, that isn’t much, but it is a little glimpse into my little ‘ol life! 

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