Be Fun. Be Random

Be fun. Be random. Make someones day. 

So, I was out in the hot, hot sun, cutting grass, and I got the perfect idea for a blog post. And now here I am. I’m gonna give y’all just a few ideas of ways to have fun and be someones sunshine at the same time. 

1.  Bake some cookies, slip 
Thanks, Michlyn!
a coat and scarf on, then head on over to a neighbor’s (or friend’s) house. When they answer the door, start singing Christmas carols and then hand them the cookies.

2.  If you know someone who is on a restricted diet for health, follow the same diet for a day, then send them a card letting them know that you are thinking of them and admire them for what they go through.

3.  When you’re at a store or someplace like that, hold the door open for someone and give them a huge smile. If they say Thank you, give a little bow and say “My pleasure, madam (or sir)”.

4.  Act really excited and when someone asks you what’s going on, tell them that you just realized it’s only 140 days until Christmas! 

5.  Next time you’re meeting someone new, instead of saying “Hi, my name is ____, what’s your name?” say “Hi, my middle name is _____, what’s your middle name?” Make sure you act like normal. 

6.  Ask a random person (who you or a family member knows), if you can have their autograph. Gush over it when then give it to you.
Now go have fun!

15 thoughts on “Be Fun. Be Random

  1. Michlyn says:

    I love this post! I'm thinking the middle name one, might be quite hilarious!d I just noticed a couple of my pictures – You're so welcome! I'm glad I could help you!



  2. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    {Aidyl’s Note: I sort of messed this up when I was trying to do something with it, and so I’m re-posting the comment here. Sorry, Sarah! }

    Hi, Aidyl! I just saw your comment on my blog, so this is a response to that. 🙂 No, we're still writing the novel, but the webpages are so outdated (being that we made them about four years ago) to the story as it stands now that it would take way too long to update them now. We plan on replacing the pages once the story is finished and we know the outcome of the whole thing. The novel is actually progressing well, though. I had meant to make a comment about removing the pages on the front page of the website (which I just did), so thanks for bringing that to my attention.


  3. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Oh I didn’t mean that I don’t like cutting the grass. Cutting grass is seriously one of my favorite things to do (I have a lot of favorite things, I’ve been told…). But cutting grass… Yeah, people around here kind of know it’s not a job to mess around with… =)


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