Taken This Winter In Florida When Jo
Spent A Month With Our Family There

So today was kind of hard. A good amount of fun. Quite emotional. Filled with laughter. And a total overload of memories. 

Today was Jo’s last day at work. 

That pretty much says it all for those of you who know me ‘in real life’ but I’ll expound for the rest of y’all. 

Jo’s one of those people. 

You know, the kind of person that everyone loves. The kind of person who when their friends blog about them all the readers let out a collective sigh, thinking Wow, I wish I had her as a friend! 

She’s worked here (at our Retreat), for the past eight years, which is a third of her life… Meaning that we pretty much (make that totally) grew up together. She was the girl ‘adopted’ into our family as an extra sister. The one who saw us at our worst (and hopefully our best). The one who stayed late hours and got here early. The one who was more like family than anything else. 

Matching ‘sisters’
When I think of Jo I think of…

::Late night walks::

::Eagle Nest Chats::

::Randomness-overload partner::

::Someone who can relate to: Agg! The Retreat’s starting like NOW, run and  make sure the place is spotless:: 

::Curling up together, reading:: 

::Always encouraging me with my cooking::

::Getting teased non-stop before she figured our family out {and then still getting teased}:: 

::Working here at the Retreat from the very beginning::

::Being a good sport when I go around telling people: “Yeah, you’ll have to excuse the way she pronounces that, English is her second language, you know”:: 

::French braiding our hair before weddings::

::Getting teased for years about ‘great-grandma’s trivet’::

::The person who I always knew I could go to when I wanted to talk {about anything} and not get laughed at::

::Who encouraged me with writing back when I didn’t know like anything::

I took the pictures from her google+ account, so I’m not sure who gets the credits…
::The person who inspired the crazy feeling of ‘Wait a second, Jo is so amazing, so well-loved, so cool, and yet… She considers me one of her good friends? Wow!::

::Letting me hang out with her when she were working and I didn’t feel well… No guilt attached::

::Sleep talking when she had a secret {only once, but it was cool}::

::Forever letting me borrow her ipod {ipod, I’m really gonna miss you!}::

::Who was on the inside of the whole ‘Reality’ thing, and became Jacy for several months… I still think that’s a cool name::

::Begging her to stay for supper::

::Like the best seamstress ever::

So yeah, she’s getting married soon and moving out of state. But thankfully she won’t be too far away. I love you, Joie {my nickname for her}. I’m happy for you. Proud of you. You’re amazing. Enjoy life away from us. And this marks the end of one era, the beginning of another… 

6 thoughts on “Joie

  1. Michlyn says:

    She's so pretty, and seems like such a nice friend. Congrats to her! I'm sure you will miss her. Think you could snap some pics at her wedding? I'm sure she'll make a beautiful bride. 🙂



  2. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Ohh, I’m not sure if I’ll get any photos at her wedding (I am totally NOT a camera person!), but I’ll try and see if I can find someone to take a few for me to post. Growing up with (now) professional photographers does have some pretty good perks. =0


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