The Name Of My Book

You know the book that I’ve been sharing with you this past week?
Well, I decided that today is the day to let you in on a little secret… I’m going to tell you what the name of my book is. 

Yeah, you’re probably thinking, That’s a secret? Well, it’s not a huge secret, but for me it’s really important and special.

I actually came up with the name of the book before I ever began writing it. 
So, take a deep breath everyone. Alright. Y’all ready? Here it goes…  The name of my book is… 
Where Dandelions Grow. 

Pictures From Google Images 
(Let me guess… The pictures in this post were maybe kind of a giveway?) 
So, what do y’all think? Does it fit?
Does it make you wonder why I picked it? I think it’s so cool, because it’s like just a girl from an average, everyday place. =)

(Look up at the top to see the Where Dandelions Grow page!)

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