The Borrowers…

I don’t endorse anything about this book =)

Have you ever watched the movie, The Borrowers? I watched *and read*  it waaayyyy back when… Like fifteen years ago.
 {And yes, that’s way back for me.}
 It was about these ‘little people’ who lived in the walls and under the floors of ‘big people’s’ houses, …And they borrowed stuff from them. 
Well, I sorta, sometimes, think I’m kinda maybe little bit like these Borrowing dudes. 
(Or in my case, dudettes.) 
Because, yeah, I like to borrow stuff. 
It hit me *again* last night how much I live with borrowed goods when I realized I was sleeping
 {in actuality, I was getting ready to sleep} 
in my sister’s bed, while wearing one of my other sister’s PJ’s. 
And then I remembered that the watch I had on {which I’ve worn for over a year} was one my Dad bought for a magic show that he had done, so it wasn’t really mine, either. 

Then I realized I was cuddling with my youngest brother’s stuffed animal {very cute dog named Woffey}, which I’ve been, um, babysitting, for probably about three years now… 

And to top that all off, I had my hair pulled back with my friend’s {aka Identical Twin} hair thingy. 
So yeah, I guess I do borrow stuff a lot. Guess that’s one of the perks of living in a big family, plenty of stuff to borrow. =) And even though it may be a wee bit annoying at times (they do it to me too, just not as much), I think we pretty much know our boundaries. 
I mean, it’s not like I’m going to go and use their toothbrush or anything….
So, do y’all borrow from each other? Or am I alone in this world? Sniff. Sniff. 

One thought on “The Borrowers…

  1. Kiri Liz says:

    My family loves the old Borrower movies with Ian Holm! The idea of borrowing random things to make a house with was extremely appealing to my sisters and I, and we would creep around our own home with backpacks to stuff our treasures in and jump ropes to climb the stairs.

    And then still talking about borrowing on a real basis, of course, when you're one of five sisters, you share everything, whether you mean to or not. 🙂


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