memories (A Guest Post by Hazel)


I’ve traveled a lot in life. I’ve met a lot of people. Some of them have left their mark and many I have forgotten. All of them leave some thing of a memory. It’s funny how quickly a moment can turn into a memory. One moment that seems to be beautiful is always gone one way or the other. It’s turned into a memory.

Every moment I’ve had that is not this moment is a memory. Every second with someone I love is a memory. Every touch is memory. Every smile is now a memory. Some are more clear than others. Some are more sweet than others. But memories never change, even thought times and people seem to.

God has given us a gift of memories. If not all we would know is this moment, not all the wonderful moments that have happened before.


Memories fade. Sometimes we can not remember what is a memory and what is our imgination. I hate when that happens. I wish it never would. Because when I can’t live in a moment like it just happened, when something is foggy, the memory is fading. And I can’t it catch it again.

Memories fly away like butterflies sometimes. In a blink we forget. But when someone saids something sometimes they tend to fly back to us and are precious once again.

It’s hard to forget people that give you memories. It’s easy to lose faces. But there are some faces I hope to never lose. Maybe the people who give up such precious moments and such precious memories will stay in our hearts forever. And then there is those who you never want to stop having memories with.

I remember when I was just a child, never wanting to be an older than I was
I remember when I turned 14, and we stayed up to jump from one year to the next
I remember when our hands barely touched and he just gave me an awkward grin
I remember when I took my first picture with that throw-away camera
I remember when he was born, the most amazing brother in the world
I remember the good times, I remember the bad. The happy, the sad.
Maybe one day I’ll remembering writing this post. Because in a second, in a moment, it will all be just a memory. I’ll be whisked off to another moment. And this will only be a memory.
About the Guest Poster:
Hazel: a girl who desires one thing, which is to live for Christ radically, passionately worshiping Him, and sharing His gospel to all nations. These are her scribblings, which would be coffee stained if written on paper. Visit her at The Radical Measure.

3 thoughts on “memories (A Guest Post by Hazel)

  1. Ink in the Book says:

    What insights you left you behind in this memory. I was sparked with an amazing idea to add to my current WIP. Thanks a million for this post. Well done. Fabulous. Excellent. Um…did you get that I appreciate the time you put into this little memory?? Thanks!


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