My 100th Post =)

Yeppers, this is my 100th post. Not relevant, though. 

I did it! I did it! I did it!!! I finished my book! Yes, yes, peoples… I know I’ve been telling y’all that for the past several posts… But hey, it’s a big thing for me. I’ve been more focused on editing and such for the past couple of years, so this is one of the only books I’ve actually sat down and written. 
I worked crazy hours on this WIP. Like at 3 and 4 a.m. Those are really cool hours, ‘cause everything else is very quiet. No one’s going to disturb me. No one’s going to distract me. It’s just me and me little ‘ol laptop. (Yes, I did have to turn off my Internet, and keep it off, even when I wanted to do research.) 
Anyway, in celebration, I thought I’d share some different parts of my book with you. I was chatting with my (no, I don’t only have one, so I guess I should say ‘one of my friends’), as I was re-reading the book for the first time, and these are the sections I showed her: 

She answered. We talked. And I felt better.
           {Staccato sentences, so much fun}

“And I’m Destiny Sparks.” I figured it was useless to tell him the info, but it sounded proper. “Do you live around here?” I mean, I had to say something while I recovered my balance.

The bustle of Novelty was toned down by the whispers everyone talked in. Sure, Kate was hurrying around like a mad lady, and I was pulling baked goods off their shelves like they were the last edible morsels in town, but still, there was a calmness that could almost be felt. If I wasn’t working here, this is the kind of place I’d come to do my writing.
“I’ve heard so much about you!” The girl actually came around the counter and gave me a hug. That was not what I was expecting. 
“So, you know all about me, but who are you?” 
“How rude of me!” The girl clasped her hands and held them under her chin. “I always forget that they’re are people here who don’t know who I am.”
How conceited could someone get? She didn’t look like the bratty kind, but then again, it’s sometimes hard to tell.
“Oh my word! The days when you have new books are like the best days of my life. ‘A life without books is like a room without windows.’” She gave a dramatic gesture that nearly sent the last bite of her cake flying onto the floor. “That’s a quote, but I think it’s more accurate to say ‘A life without books is like a world without color. Or candy. Or music.’” Here she stopped to eat the last of her dessert. “Another one of my life mottos.” 
Ok, so how many life motto’s did this girl have? Nothing against Felicity, but I think I actually breathed one of those dramatic sighs when she finally left the building. She was just so full of energy she made me feel like a sloth while she was a cheetah on steroids.

 Something to help you get to see Destiny’s personality:
Suddenly I felt like I belonged in a puddle of mud. I’d been told all my life that I didn’t have the kind of personality that attracted friends, but that was no excuse to act like a snob. “Hey, you don’t have to leave.” I stopped working for a minute to lean on the counter. “I’ve never been the friendly kind, which was fine when I was just another body in a huge school. It’s different here, though, and I’m sorry for being so unfriendly.” I held out my hand. “Want to be friends?”  
I had the strange feeling that maybe I was beginning to belong someplace when Darren shook my hand and grinned at me. 
“You know you’re kind of a stuck up snob?” 
Kate walked up just in time to hear Darren’s delectation. “Darren Reed!” She smacked his arm. “That is no way to talk to a young lady.” 
“She wanted to be friends, so I was just giving her a friendly pointer.” 
Kate rolled her eyes. “You, young man, need to get some lessons from Sierra. When an amazing girl like that dates you, you’re required to learn from her.”


Do you likie them? What do you think? 

4 thoughts on “My 100th Post =)

  1. Keely*whowrites* says:

    Really good! Ya know, I bought your book. Which one again? Hmmm…I don't remember at the moment. Going to start reading it soon!
    Thanks for posting!!!
    (by the way, I think you tried to follow my blog and it wouldn't let you. Sorry about that..not sure why it wouldn't work…)


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