5 (fun) things to do before the end of summer.

 Hey everybody!  I’m Lydia from Eternal Simplicity.  My blog is all about literature, photography, music, fashion, and other little creative whims.  When Aidyl asked me to do a guest post here at her blog, I was thrilled!  I hope you all enjoy the 5 (fun) things to do before the end of summer. 🙂

  Since it’s the dead of summer right now, what better way to celebrate it then doing some fun things before it bids us farewell again?

  1.  Learn the Macarena.  You know you’ve always wanted to.  It’s definitely a blast from the past!

  2.  Make the highest sandwich you can.  Remember is old cartoons when they would have a tall sandwich with an olive stuck on a toothpick on the top?  Or when Dagwood (from the Blondie comic) would make himself a huge sandwich?  I’m thinking something along those line.  And don’t forget the mayo and pickles.  Unless you are making a huge peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Then you might want to forget the mayo and pickles.

  3. Talk like a pirate for a day.  Sure there’s an official Talk Like a Pirate day held in September, but we’re never ones to conform.  Just choose any day you want.

  4.  Eat lunch for breakfast, dinner for lunch, and breakfast for dinner.  Not only is it fun, remembering when to have what meal at what time is good for your brain.

  5.  Dedicate a whole day to listening to music from the 1920’s.  Don’t do anything else – don’t even leave the house.  There’s not even any need to put on your flapper costume.  Just pull up YouTube, and listen to your favorites from The Roaring Twenties.

  Happy July!

– Lydia

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