About Me

Hey, all!
My name is Alley. I have a blog, From Here to Womanhood , and Aidyl has kindly let me guest post on her blog today. Thanks, Aidyl!

I thought that I would just tell you all a little bit about myself.

Ummm…where to begin?

Well, the first and most important thing you should know about me is that I am a child of The King. I love God and strive to make my every thought, every action glorify Him, even though sometimes I think I will never get there. But God is continuing to teach me things and I am slowly learning to be more and more like Him.

I’m thirteen years old.

I have three siblings: Liam, (10) Dresden (7) and Megan (4) and they are my best friends.

I love to act and be in plays. I was in The Jungle Book when I was ten and played the role of Mowgli! I also played the part of Duchess in The Aristocats last summer.
My family calls me Miss Drama Queen. 🙂

I like to read and write.

I very much dislike math.

I lived in Germany when I was three to five years old because my dad was in the Army. We lived in a pink apartment building, which I loved, and that brings me to the next random fact about me…

My favorite color is pink. 🙂

I’ve been to Paris. I actually went when I was five years old, because we could drive there from Germany. I remember a little from that short trip, but not much.

I like to smile and laugh.

I am a VERY big fan of chocolate. If it’s chocolate, I will eat it.

Dogs are my favorite animal.

My favorite holiday is Easter.

My favorite season is Fall.

I am very much a “people person”.

I have been homeschooled for all of my education.

I enjoy taking pictures, and try to foster any talent I have with a camera in my spare time.

I am the oldest child, grandchild and great-grandchild in my family.

I have five, soon to be six cousins.

I am a night owl.

I like coffee.

I like to sing.

And because I am running out of facts about myself, I’ll just stop. 🙂

Thanks again, Aidyl, for letting me ramble on your blog a little, and thanks to you guys for reading this incredibly random blog post.

Have a great week! 🙂


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Aubrey says:

    First of all, Alley you seem like a very nice person. Secondly, I started to read your post then stopped when I saw: “I don't think this will be a very interesting post, but.”
    You ask me why I stopped? I stopped because I realized, if the person who wrote this doesn't think this is interesting why should I read it?
    “Fear is being concerned with one can lose,
    Pride is being concerned with what one can get,
    Love is being concerned with what one can give.” (Unknown)

    You have potential to love people through your words. You have so much to offer.

    So speak with your heart.

    Carpe Diem.


  2. Jeremy Bates says:

    Good for you on the acting. Have you really pursued it strong? I don't know what city you are in, but the best way to really break into the business is to get some head shots, classes and hit the auditions1

    Good luck!


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