A Random Post That Makes Me Smile

Don’t ask me why, but this made me laugh like crazy

Yeah, not my idea of fun…

Five second rule 😉

 Except for with us it was always alligators vvv

How smart can you get?

This isn’t funny, I put it on ‘cause I do it a ton…
And not just when I’m alone either
I think people find it a little strange when I want them to smile at the camera…

I like how you can see the shadow of the person taking the pic =)

Oh yes. And when I get to the most exciting part, I have to just set the book down and breath


I don’t know if you can tell or not, but it’s a cat that’s out there walking =D

So, so, not cool!

Looking on the bright side


This be another one that maked me laugh wike crazy

Bossy, bossy
So yeah, I hope you like this post. It’s just plain fun. 
If you want to join my writing contest,
I’ve extended it till the 13th. 
Oh yeah, and did you see I have 100 followers now? Thanks people!

5 thoughts on “A Random Post That Makes Me Smile

  1. Kiri Liz says:

    Haha!! My siblings and I would jump from couch to couch or floor rug to floor rug to avoid the water! I'm off the couch now, but I still find myself keeping to the rugs!

    “Well, I'm bored! Let's go brush our teeth!” I'm gonna have to use that one!! Epic!! 🙂


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