Randomness (Four Months Blogging!)

(Warning: This is just a random post of things that are going on right now.)

I’ve been blogging for four months now. 
Yeppers. That’s right. Four months.
And I’ve had a lot of fun.

Have I mentioned that one of my best friends is getting married? 
Well, she is. In less than three months, too. 
It’s pretty hard to comprehend…
Not that she’s getting married, that’s easy to understand. 
But that she’ll be moving away.

She and I have worked together for years now. 
I’ve practically seen her every weekday (and most Sundays, since we went to church together) for like nine years. 
Yeah, I think some big changes are in store. *sniff*
But I’m happy for her, and I get to help her with her wedding, so it’s good.

Yesterday I got to go to my ‘adopted’ parents house. 
That was really cool, and I enjoyed it. A lot. 
I got to see a DVD that they just made. 
And the coolest thing was that I watched part of it being filmed!
(Swamp Man will be out in like a couple of weeks.)
You can see the first DVD in the series here.

And just a few (more) random things:

Sounds like conversations at my house.
You can’t imagine what it’s like when my dad and older brothers start doing puns.
Oh, and my grandma when she’s visiting! 

(Here’s part of an email she sent me recently: 
Do you see puppy toes in your sleep?  At least they’re not horse hooves, won’t give you nightmares!)
*Note, ‘puppy toes’ is what we call clubs when we’re playing card games, 
and when I visited her, we played cards a lot!*
Just thought it was kinda cute. 

Yeah, I kinda put this on ‘cause it’s a swing. 
And I like swinging.

5 thoughts on “Randomness (Four Months Blogging!)

  1. Michlyn says:

    I loved this post! Now I'm sorry if this is being kind of rude, but is your friend Amish? I just noticed her kapp. 🙂 Congrats to her!

    Those funny quotes made me laugh!


  2. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    No, it’s not being rude. =) And no, she isn’t Amish. For the most part, Amish don’t let pictures be taken of them.
    In 1 Cor. 11, it says that a woman’s head should be covered when they pray, so that’s why she (and I) do it. 🙂
    So yeah, thanks for asking!


  3. Michlyn says:

    Ok that's what I thought. I know that they live simple lives. I've always admired those women who choose to cover themselves. 🙂 Which I dress modestly, but I do not cover my head. God bless you Aidyl! 🙂



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