The Storm – Journal Entry

{Pictures from Google, not from this storm}

Blowing. Rushing. Roaring. 
The wind whipped through the trees, rustling in the leaves, swaying them in the breeze
Turning black, the sky suddenly lost it’s friendly appearance and became threatening
Instead of the gentle breeze, the wind became a roaring monster
As if crossing the threshold into another world, our Jeep entered the downpour of rain
Tree branches began plummeting, hitting us with resounding ::thunks::

The large trees laying beside the road bore witness to the fierceness of the wind
Dodging the cars that were stopped alongside the road, we continued on
Traffic lights danced in the wind with no light to direct the travelers 
None of the buildings on the side of the road boasted of light 
All was dark as the tree branches continued to attack us
The wedding we were going to would take place without electric
Leaving the wedding early so we could get home and gauge all damages
 We passed exit after exit where darkness reigned 
Needing fuel for the Jeep, we slowed our pace to conserve 
At last we found an open filling station, long lines of vehicles awaited their turn
We joined the ranks, thankful for the opportunity 

A friend informed us that one of the roads leading to our house was un-passable 
We took the other route 
Even more and even bigger trees lay in the wake of the storm 
Clearly shown were the paths of small tornadoes 
The damage was breathtaking 
Even more so was that none of our buildings were damaged
And we’re all safe

And though our electric went off several times, for the most part, it stayed on
People stayed out until the wee hours of the morning, working at clearing the roads
Cutting up the wood for fires this next winter is hot work 
Praising God for His protection, we invited anyone in need to come and stay with us
One family and their out-of-state guests took us up on their offer

Internet came back on today
So I’m back in the blogging world
Still amazed at the fierceness of the storm
Still in awe of the power of the wind

Make sure you all check out this post! 

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