Copper O’Conner

Me: Hello everyone! I’ve got something really exciting I’m working on. I have some stories I want to share with you so I’m going to be interview the main characters, that way, you’ll get to know them a little bit. I’m here today with Copper O’Conner. 
pastedGraphic.pdfCopper: Hey you guys! ::little wave and huge smile:: 

Me: So, why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself, and then I’m going to ask you a few questions.

Copper: Oh wow, lets see what I want to tell everyone. First of all, I’m half Irish, which I’m rather proud of. ::winks::
Me: Copper O’Conner…. That does have a Irish twang to it. 
Copper: Of course! ::laughs:: And my older sister’s name is Shauna, you can’t get much more Irish than that. She’s married and lives about a half an hour away from us. I, meanwhile, live in the coolest small town ever! ::punches fists in the air:: I have totally the best friends. I can’t wait for you to get to meet them. I love life and am always fun to be around, as you can probably imagine! Is that ‘nuff info? ::turning to me with a questioning look:: Oh yeah, and I’m sixteen.
Me: ::nods head:: Thanks, Copper. ::looks down at a clipboard:: Alright are you an optimist or pessimist? 
Copper: Oh my goodness! Seriously? You have to ask that? Most people can tell after they’ve been with me for like two seconds! I’m the most optimist, extrovert, excitement-filled person you’ll ever meet! 
Me:: Yeah, I can imagine ::trying to hide a smile::
Copper: What’s the next question? ::rubbing hands together::
pastedGraphic.pdfMe: How would your family describe you? 
Copper: Oh, Gulp! ::giggles:: Shauna’s my only sibling, but my parents, let’s see… They’d probably say that I’m a fun, popular girl who loves being the center of attention, is somewhat spoiled and needs to figure out how to be serious once-in-a-while. ::grins:: Oh, and probably that I should work harder on my grades at school ::grimace:: 
Me: Seems as if you didn’t have to think hard to answer that question! Next question, would you rather read, spend time with friends, or go for a hike? 
Copper: Spend time with friends! Someone once asked me what my life would be like without my friends, and I was like “Friends ARE my life!” So yeah, books… Well, I’m not really into them. And hiking? If my friends are with me, then great! 
Me: You seem pretty confident to me, what are some other words you would use to describe yourself? 
Copper: Yeah, everyone tells me I’m brimming with confidence. ::pushes hair back:: Other words? Well, I’m adventuresome, carefree, charming ::smile:: Of course I’m composed, exuberant, glamorous and good-natured. ::taking a bow:: Need me to go on? 
Me: Naw, I think you’ve given us a good enough glimpse at your personality. 
Copper: I should hope so! I studied this interview in front of my mirror for days! ::dramatic sigh::
Me: ::raises eyebrows:: Really? 
Copper: Of course not! ::waves her hand:: This stuff just comes naturally to me. 
Me: I kinda figured that. ::glancing at my watch:: Well, we’re out of time Copper. Thank you so much for coming today!
Copper: Well thank you for having me! Bye you guys! ::waves and blows kisses:: 

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