Interview with Destiny Sparks

Alright, so I’m doing a bloghop today, ‘cause I really like the idea. I’m not so much into the questions that they’re asking, so I’m going to make up my own to fit my character. =) You’re supposed to have an ‘interview’ that one of your characters do with your lead female character… So here it is!
So… I don’t have a current picture,
but this is Destiny Sparks when she was younger
This is from a new WIP, which I do have a name for, but I’m not telling it yet… So I’m just going to refer to it as WDG.
Destiny Sparks = MC 
Lexie Clark = MC’s cousin
Lexie: Okay y’all! Today I’ve got a really special person with me. I know you’ve heard me talk about my amazing, wonderful, lovely, imaginative cousin, Destiny, but today you get to meet her in person! 

Destiny: Thanks, Lex. ::raises eyebrows in mock annoyance::
Lexie: So, as you know here at Sparrow Ridge Community Collage, we like to get to know our new classmates by asking them some questions. 
Destiny: I think you’re forgetting something. I’m not one of your classmates. I’m just the new employee at Novelty, you know, the bookstore, hang out place? The place where we sell novels and tea? ::grinning at the pun:: *Seizing opportunity* Everyone should really come and try out our new mocha’s, they’re the best ever!
Lexie: ::Clearing throat:: As I was saying before being so rudely interrupted, we’ve got a couple of questions, and I know Destiny’s just dying to answer them-
Destiny: ::emphatic shake of head:: Or not.
Lexie: ::elbowing her in the ribs:: So, here my first one is: What makes me the most wonderful cousin ever? 
Destiny: Lexie? I thought this was supposed to be where people learned more about me. Oh well though, I’d rather talk about you anyway. In answer to your question, maybe it’s that I haven’t been able to find our other cousins, Kamryn and Teal, yet. So, for now you’re the only one, and of course that makes you not only the best cousin, but also the worse. 

Lexie when she was two
 Lexie: Your praise for me makes me feel so loved. Thank you,   dear. ::dramatic sigh:: Now for my second question: What books have you been reading recently? 

Destiny: Ok, seriously though in answer to your first question, you are a great cousin. I’ve decided that you give like the best advice ever, and you’re not preachy. Happy now? And in answer to your next question, I don’t think you want me to tell you all of them, but let me start… ::looking up at the ceiling as if deep in thought:: Northanger Abby, Story Girl… 
Lexie: ::raising hands to stop Destiny:: Forget I asked. I forgot how much you liked to read and there are other questions I want to ask today. How do you like living here in Sparrow Ridge again? 
Destiny: ::first real smile:: Oh my! It’s great. I forgot how much fun it was to live in a little town. The brick streets and towering maple trees lend such an air of homeyness to the place. Walking down the streets is so relaxing. 
Lexie: And what about the people? 
Destiny: ::bit of an embarrassed smile:: I’m getting used to that, again, too. You know living in a big city in CA for the past ten years made me forget the small-town way of life, and I’m afraid I’ve let myself be viewed as a snob since coming back. But I a working on it, and really, I’m not as unfriendly as I seem. 
Lexie: ::raises eyebrows:: 
Destiny: Alright, so maybe I am kinda, maybe, sorta unfriendly right now… But I’m working on being better. Just give me some of your small-town patience and don’t get mad if it takes me a while to adjust. 

7 thoughts on “Interview with Destiny Sparks

  1. jaybird says:

    I like the setting of a small town, brick streets, and towering maple trees. Feels homey. I've lived in both, big city in CA and small town, so I can relate to Destiny.


  2. Ink in the Book says:

    I love the cousin MC's! I was close to my cousins and my kids are super close to theirs, so I would enjoy this book: family friends. Oooo, I love it! Can't wait to see the title! When is the reveal?


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