A Piece Of My Book

I’m a writer, and therefore, I write. 
So, I thought I’d give you all a little excerpt of my book, Dusk, where I work at introducing a new character. Annah, the character being introduced is the main character’s mother. I hope you enjoy it!
Oh yes, and we are in Florida now! Yea! 
And the pictures… Well, they just looked summerish to me, so I like them, so I put them on. 
(And they, too, were taken by my friend Kay.)
“The Duke’s castle is enormous. An eminent fortress with rooms of every size, shape and description.” A lady who was obviously well to do spoke the words with a hint of amusement in her voice. 
“Aye.” Annah, Natalya’s mother, smiled and nodded graciously as she led the way through the long main hallway. 
“The Duke’s servants must work continually on all the projects throughout this place.”
“The Duke has, indeed, given work to many people.” Annah stood back and let the richly dressed lady sweep through the tall oak doorway in front of her. 
Bubbling laughter filled the echoing chambers. “My sister married above her station. I daresay though, she always acted like she should have been born into royalty. Even when we were just young girls, she insisted her maids were to be the very best. Women who worked hard, catered to her every whim and were perfect in dress and appearance. From the looks of you, her tastes haven’t changed.”
“Thank you.” Annah bowed her head slightly at the compliment. 
One of Annah’s fellow maids approached quickly. “The Duchess is resting and is not to be bothered.” She cast a fearful look toward the stranger, then scurried away. 
“Ahh, that’s fine, we’ll just sit and chat a little bit.” 
I can hardly believe this is the Duchess’s sister. They don’t act a bit alike. “Where would ye like to sit, my lady?” 
“Shall we go to the gardens? Sunlight and a fresh view always make me feel energized. Tell me, as we walk, about where you live.” 
“I live in the servants’ quarters.” 
“Is that all ye have to say about your dwellings?”
“We don’t spend much time in our huts, so they need not be fancy, my lady.”
“My name is Sara and don’t worry about being careful what ye say around me. I won’t tattle. I know full well ye live in drafty little huts and they be so short ye have to stoop to go through the doorway. No windows to let light in, probably all ye have for light is a cooking fire, and a small one at that, so ye don’t use much wood. The contrast of your hut, versus this castle would probably be about equal to the differences between you and my sister. I came to visit her, and I love her, but that doesn’t mean I’m content with the way she’s running her domain.” 
I don’t know if this Sara is sincere, although she seems to be, or if she’s testing my loyalty. I won’t say anything though, because I’m grateful for my job. It provides me with daily contact with the Duke and Duchess. Such a wonderful way to find out information about the Princess Shalom. 

“This castle on the other hand is far too big for even the abundant belongings of my sister and her husband. It’s wide, spacious halls are lined with many expensive, beautiful tapestries depicting hunting scenes, foreign countries and banquet feasts.” Sara rolled her eyes as she gestured at a large wall hanging. “Each one of these is such an exquisite work of art with fine detail and a beautiful array of colors woven together to create a masterpiece. The work for just one of them would have taken years to complete. I do wonder, though, what my sister finds so enchanting in them, they aren’t my style at all.” 
Annah smiled graciously as they strolled past one of the huge fireplaces stationed here and there all over the castle to help compensate for the ever cold stones the fortress was built with. In the Duchess’s personal quarters, rich, thick carpets cover the floor, adding warmth to her life. 
“Now those large paintings my sister has on the walls of her chamber, they are my style. She can look at flowers even during the cold winter months which seem to drag on forever. Enough about my sister now, I can see I’m boring you immensely.”
“No, my lady, you are not boring me. Talk about whatever subject you choose.” 
“That brother-in-law of mine, he has such a fondness for hunting. Actually, I would say he’s beyond the fondness stage. It’s his chief pleasure in life. My sister wrote and told me he’s always either on a hunting trip, or planning for one. This means my sister gets to rule most of the laborers, which is fine with her. I think her chief pleasure in life is the feeling of power.”

So, if you all liked that, you can find the first two chapters of the book here

2 thoughts on “A Piece Of My Book

  1. Sami says:

    It's sounds so medieval like Aidyl!!! I was wondering if maybe you can edit my chapters?? It will make me so happy if you can since you have more experience then me:)



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