I Did A Guest Post! Yea!

Guess what, peoples!!! I did my very firstest guest blogger post. And I’m excited! It took me like forever, because I had been thinking about what to write for a while, and like last week I was considering doing the History blog post, but then I ended up doing it on my blog. {I like my blog. I really actually miss doing stuff on my blog when I don’t post.} 

Did you all realize it’s seriously almost summer? Like, for real?

Anyway, today *hopefully* will kick off my 50/50 Jaunt thingy. *Squeals of excitement* I plan on doing them once a week for now, and then maybe twice a week after a while. If you want to be part of it, please do send me an email! (And to all of you who have sent emails already, I hope to get back with you within a couple of days…) 

My friend, Cowboy. And again, all pictures taken by Kay Davis. =)
So yeah, you all should check out my post over at Efflorescene and comments make me very happy! {Like very as in extremely, over the top, more than you can imagine… Or, ok, maybe I’m just exaggerating.}

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