Imagine This

Alright everyone, imagine this:  
The most generous person you know +
Someone who has an amazing (positive) attitude, even during hard times +
Someone who is forgiving, loving & willing to help even those who have wronged them+
Someone who teaches others by being very wonderful example +

Someone who does totally cool magic tricks and the like +

Someone who loves and serves God with their whole life +
Someone who has a great imagination and makes up tons of games for his kids +
Someone who has a family who loves them & is incredibly proud to be related to them +
Someone who started and is president of a business where people go out of their way to honor them, because they’re just the best boss ever (plus most of your children decide to work in the business because it’s just totally great working with family) +
Someone who is very encouraging and helps any way he can +

Someone who does his best to give those around him a smile and encouragement = 
That all equals someone very special: 

My Dad 
Happy Father’s Day! I truly can’t imagine a better Daddy!

(See my Mother’s Day post here)

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