My Friend

I’ve got a friend. She’s actually one of my best friends. Her name is Natalya Klessig. I’ve known her for about three years. We’ve actually only seen each other… Once? *gasp* It really feels like we’ve been around each other more than that! 

We don’t live very close, so we mostly email and chat {a lot}, plus talk on the phone every-so-often. (I’m totally not a phone-talker. I can’t stand phones, for the most part!) She’s a writer. I’m a writer. Plus both of our middle names are Joy. How in the world could we not be friends? 

And guess what, you all! She’s joining me here today for an interview! Yea! 
So, I’m going to ask her a few questions, and that way you’ll get to know her somewhat, too.
Alright, so here my first few questions are, Natalya: 
What’s the most amazing thing about me? Why do you think everyone who knows me thinks I’m the coolest person ever? How have I always been there for you? And why should I win the title of ‘best friend of the year’?  Ok, ok, ok! Of course I’m not being serious. Not one bit. I just wondered if anyone would read those questions and imagine me the most self-praising, exaggerated girl to ever show up in blogland. *smiles*

Now for my real questions: 

* Well, this one isn’t really a question, but do you want to tell how we meet? Just a short version. =) 

Yeah, sure. So when Buddy and Kay Davis (mutual friends) visited us to play *Play music, Buddy’s a singer and song writer* for my parents 25th wedding anniversary I showed them/told them about some of my books. They really liked them, and they mentioned how much I reminded them of this girl they knew back home named Aidyl. Next time we went to the Creation Museum, guess who “just happened” to be there! We knew Buddy and Kay were gonna be there, but I got to meet Aidyl too!!! Turns out we’re not anywhere near as alike as we thought, but we’re still best friends forever. I think the friendship is stronger because we’re different (and Aidyl truly does deserve to get the “best friend of the year” award.) 🙂 Aww, thanks, Natalya!

*   You’re a writer. I like writers. So, how about you tell me a little bit about your book? 

Which one? I’m writing so many! 🙂 🙂 The book I’ve been writing for the longest time, and probably enjoy writing the most is called “Counted Worthy: Worthy to Suffer, Worthy to Die, Worthy to Love” It’s about some Christians living in an ancient pagan culture just east of the roman empire (set during the time of Nero). My main girl is captured as a slave, and when she gets to her master’s house she finds he has a son, Ekrem, who’s used to be a slave, but when his old master nearly beat him to death, the girl’s master found him on the side of the road and adopted him (saving his life). He has a lot of scars (both physical and emotional) to get over, it’s certainly an emotional ride. (lol, long answer) 
     Some of my other books are set in early 1900’s Russia, Revolutionary War America, Revolutionary France (more an idea then a book right now), Civil War Story (co-writting with a friend), Modern Shackleton-Esk adventure story, Amazon survival story, a few more modern/sci-fi-ish stories, and at least on allegory. I know. I write to many books. 🙂 
*   And where/when did you become interested in writing?

Well I’ve been writing stories in my head ever since I was little. Then I learned how much I LOVE history, and I learned how FEW truly Christian books there are that are historical fiction. I mean, there is Christian Historical Fiction, but since so much of history has been rewritten by the Marxists (no, they don’t tell you THAT in school) that I had to go back to older books and documents (the Bible to some extent for “Counted Worthy” since it’s set in basically Bible Times.) to find the true stories. It’s a bit like a buried treasure hunt actually. My favorite stories/movies have always been about history. 🙂 

I know, random assortment of pics this time. But I like them. =) Again, all the pictures on this post were taken by Kay Davis.

WOw, so there’s like still a lot more to the interview, but I’m going to post it some other time because it was getting too long! =) Thank you so much, Natalya! It was great interviewing you! 

Thank YOU for interviewing me. 🙂  
And now, you all, since we’re done with the interview… I have some exciting news for you! Natalya just got back from a trip across part of the South West to go rafting down the Grand Canyon… And she’s going to be a guest blogger on my blog Thursday morning and Friday morning so she can tell us all about it. I’m SO excited! So, be ready for some cool posts. =)
PREPARE YOURSELVES…I’m COMING!!!!!! (lol…cheesy…cheesy…) 😉

7 thoughts on “My Friend

  1. Dawn says:

    Hi there. I happen to know Natalya too and I agree with you that she is totally amazing and always has something fantastic up her sleeve! I can't wait to read more of the interview. Thanks for posting!


  2. TheWellStaff says:

    This is lovely! I'm lucky enough to have a good friend like this. It's really funny, our relationship is really close to your relationship (the mostly phone and chat and letter communication, the writing, etc.) Looking forward to reading more of this, and what a great idea!


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