Journal Entry – History

NOTE: Oh. My. Goodness. One of my favorite posts and I deleted it! How bad is that? I was realizing I hadn’t put the photo credits on this post, so I came back here to do it, and I deleted everything! Thankfully, this is one of my few blogs that I had saved on my computer, so here it is, somewhat revised. By the way, my friend, Jen Yoder is who took the pictures. Anyway, I hope this is almost ask good…
Someday I will be part of history. 
The people who are all around me now, 
Dreaming, vibrant, and living, will be gone. 
I’ll be gone. 
And there will be a new set of people leading the world, 
Their hopes and dreams beginning where ours ended.
How many millions of people have lived before now? 
Spending their time doing what they thought was best. 
Struggling for existence. 
Striving for the right. 
Fighting for freedom. 
Maybe they never thought past the 
Day-to-day drudgery of existence…. 
Or maybe they had an ideal object in mind 
That they would give up anything to attain. 
Maybe they dreamed of being known 
After their time on earth had come to an end. 
Known for their bravery. 
Or love. 
Or intelligence. 
Think of the people who fill the pages of history:
Alexander the Great 

William Shakespeare
Adolf Hitler


Mother Teresa 


Martin Luther King Jr.

Think of the diversity of what they’re known for. 
Great military accomplishments. 
Hating and murdering millions. 
Loving and spending their whole life serving. 
And then ask yourself the question: 

What will I be known for? 
Will your life ever end up on the pages of history? 
Or will your past fade into nothingness? 

We all have the ability to make a difference. 
You do, and I do. 
We are here for a reason, 
And it’s never to late 
To start living the life that we were meant to live.
One person may not seem like a powerful thing, 
But everything great that ever took place
Started with one. 

A multitude is made up by many ‘ones’. 
One is a powerful number. 
Because without one, there is none. 
I am one. You are one. 
What is the world missing out on 
Because we feel like one is too small? 
What if you’re the one meant for something great, 
And you pass the opportunity by?

What will the world miss out on, because you think one is too small?

10 thoughts on “Journal Entry – History

  1. ali cross says:

    This post needs to be read by EVERYONE. Beautiful and powerful. And lovely pictures too. Thank you Aidyl! I'm glad to have met you! (And I totally wish I could peek into your hayloft-turned-home!)


  2. Jenny Leigh says:

    So delighted to meet you! Thanks for leaving some comment love on my blog. I am eager to peruse your writings. God has surely given you a gift and a sweet heart.

    Please come follow me as well!
    Another sister giving glory to God – beautiful


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