Extra, Extra! Interview With Katrina

Good Morning, Peoples!  I’m away from home right now, so I thought I’d post another interview! I’m here today with Katrina from Tons of Random Things. From what I have read about her, she seems to be a rather random person, so instead of my regular interviews, I’m going to ask her a lot of random questions. =)
Anyway, hi, Katrina! 
Hi Aidyl!
  1. What word best describes you? (Just one word, two if needed) 
SPONTANEOUS. I can be quiet at one second then I can start laughing the next! lol

2.  If you could travel any place, for any amount of time, where would you go and how long would you stay there? 
Probably the States. I’d live at Seattle with my auntie since I’ve never seen her in how many years and she’s genuinely nice to me and my siblings. haha or probably London. i find british accents amusing!! haha

3.  Any animal is acceptable, which one would you choose as a pet? 

4.  Pie or cake? 
– Cake! I like cakes;) chocolate and red velvat [cup]cakes are the bomb! lol

5.  When you read my blog, what kind of impression do you get?  
Very creative and interesting to read. GO READ THIS YOU 😉

6.  Photography, Writing or Music? 
– tough one! I do love everything and I probably have to say music. I enjoy photography and writing though I find music the best since you can do anything with it- dance, sing along, listen to it! 

7.  Movies, TV or Books? 
  • TV. I like watching TV Show- reality tv shows, cooking shows and dance shows. Keeping up with the Kardashians, Junior Masterchef and ABDC for the win! i like watching Nickelodeon shows too hahaha what’s your favorite? 😉

(Aidyl: I actually don’t watch TV. =) I have watched a few episodes of The Duggars on Youtube, though!)

8.  Would you rather spend time with family or friends? 

  tough. I do different things with my family and friends so I have to say both. I mostly go out with my friends and we’d have an epic banter afterwards! though with my family, even at the times we’d often go out together, it’s meaningful to say, at least. 

9.  Which meal of the day is your favorite? 
– breakfast! I can eat anything from breakfast anytime of the day! hahaha and looking forward to it every morning! 😉

10.  Tell us something random about yourself? 
– I’m a dancing blogger, friend, and baker at the same time. I like to bake and that’s a random thing my friends find unusual as I dislike cooking as I’m not good at it, though with baking- its a different thing! HAHA 😀 

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