Names = Grins =)

I like nicknames. Like, a lot. Well, I guess I like names, any part of the name, for that matter. First, middle, last, nickname… Yep, that’s like one of the most interesting subjects to me. (Go ahead, you can think I’m weird if you want to.)
My sister got a bunch of new books for almost nothing at a garage sale one year. One of them was a baby name book. Of course I asked to borrow it ‘cause I needed to find some names for my characters. That was several years ago, and the tattered, worn, creased and coverless book still resides in my room till this day. (Thanks, Helena!) 
Not long ago another one of my friends got me another name book, and not only did she do that, but she went though and highlighted some of her favorite names. That was a huge help, because as much as I like names, I still have a hard time picking the right names for my characters, and her highlighted ones give me an extra head start. 
Anywho, I thought I’d give you all an idea of some of the nicknames I’ve given my friends over the years… 
Jen = Chocolate {Yeah… Just random. She likes chocolate.}
Aubrey = Fellow Slave {She’s my cousin, and pretty much, cousin stuff is inexplainable}
Sarah = Princess Jane {Amazingly sweet girl who reminds me of a princess. ‘Sarah’ means princess, and her middle name is Jane}
Hosanna = Glory Dusk {Hosanna’s middle name is Dawn, so yeah, Glory Dusk made sense…}
Marta = Angel Wings {What can I say? It’s an inside joke}
Moses = Derric (or Eldron or Isaac) {My little brother, and those are different games we play together. Sometimes I ask him ‘What’s your name?’ And he’ll answer for whichever game he wants to play.}
Susan = Sargent {Most misleading nickname I’ve bestowed, so far. So much fun to use!}
Zane = Benjamin &
Zack = Rueben
{They’re my cousins and I haven’t used these nicknames for years… but I used to call them that and it was fun. They were for another game I had made up. And when I say ‘game’ I mean pretty much I would be so involved in my ‘storyline’ that everyone else was pulled into it. Good way to get idea for books!}
Samantha = Justice {One time she was wearing a sweatshirt that had the brand name, ‘Justice’ written on her pocket. It sort of looked like a name tag… And the rest is history}

Mariah = Molly
{My little sister… Another game we play. I’m Andrea, she’s Molly}
Rebecca = Amy & 
Timothy = Jackson 
{They’re brother and sister, and family friends. Again, it’s a long story. Their Mom is ‘Aunt Chloe’ Or, in actuality, it’s Becky. So yeah…}

So, yeah, I’m wondering… What are some of your nick names? Do you have any? Please do tell! I like names so much! =)

One thought on “Names = Grins =)

  1. Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ says:

    I love nicknames. 🙂 Let's see…

    My daddy calls me princess. 🙂

    My grandpa (Pop) calls me Sweet Pea (he has a nickname for all of his grandkids). 🙂

    I've been called the Four Foot Ray of Sunshine.

    And I think that's about it. Fun post! 🙂

    God bless you!
    Joy 🙂


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