One Of My Favorite Things…

Crickets chirping late at night
Whipper-wills singing
Cool night air 
Shooting stars
(All pictures in this post from Google Images)

Birds trilling, early in the morning
Streams gurgling down the valley
Wild flowers as far as the eye can see
Hay fields, far and near
Bugs hopping all ove the place
Swaying gently in the breeze

One of my favorite times of the year…
Haying time
Yesterday was our first haying day of the year. 
I’m worn out and tired. 
Yet happy. 
Very happy. 

What can be more fun than choking on dust?
Working out in the burning sun? 
Lifting 40 or 55 pound bales of hay over and over again?
Running back and forth trying to keep up? 
Being covered from head to toe with hay chaff…
The answer is: Not much.
Yes, seriously, it’s one of my favorite things to do. 

4 thoughts on “One Of My Favorite Things…

  1. Tasha Seegmiller says:

    I have relatives who have been in the farming, haying line of work and I so admire them. It is a life that I like to observe for short periods of time, but not sure I'm much of a country girl. Beautifully written – glad I found your blog 🙂


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