Interview Guidelines

Hey there! This isn’t my regular post for today, I hope to do that later on. I just thought that with all this talk of blog interviews and all, I should give you some direction in case you want to be featured on 

*  If you are interested in being Interviewed, please email me at
 In the email please include:
1. The name of your Blog,  and if you want, Facebook, etc… 
(If you have those things, if you don’t, that’s fine)
2. Tell me a little about yourself, 
including what you would prefer to be interviewed about 
3. Tell me why you think people would be interested in your interview
4. If you want, you can include several pictures of yourself. 
I might, or might not use them
5. If I don’t answer the email within a week, please send another email, 
asking me if I got the first one
(I hope to be prompt with answering all emails, but sometimes stuff gets a little crazy around here)
*  I will email you with your questions, etc… 
And also when I know when I’m going to put the interview on my blog
*  I do ask everyone who has a blog, and who is interviewed by me, 
to post something about it on their blog, along with a link to the post. 
*At this time I think I’ll be posting an Interview at least once a week, probably on a particular day, and I’ll have to see how that goes and maybe add another day, or else do it at random times. What do you think?
*  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, 
please leave a comment with them. Thank you!
And nooowwww… 

You can start signing up for interviews! 

Yeah, not quite as serious as this…

And yes, I am excited about this, ‘cause I think it’s going to be fun. I can’t wait to start interacting more with my readers. =)

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