About Interviews…

Hey Everyone! 
So, I’ve started to look into finding/accepting people who want to do interviews on my blog.  
I’ve gotten to do them a couple of times on other people’s blogs, and I think it’s a lot of fun.
I have a few questions about Interviews, and I’m hoping you’ll answer them in the comments, but if you don’t, I’ll just have to decide for myself, and that would kind of be a bummer, 
since you are the people I write this blog for… Kinda crazy, isn’t it. I mean, I don’t generally read the blog and think ‘Wow, I never knew that.’ Or ‘That’s so Interesting.’ Or ‘I wish Aidyl didn’t post so much boring stuff.’ Etc… I write this stuff for you. Yep, you should feel special. =) 
So here my questions are:
1. How often should I do an Interview? A certain day every week? Just random times? Never? 
I won’t do a ton of editing on Interviews, but I might correct a few mistakes…
2. How long should the Interview be? Three questions? Five questions? Just a nice, normal length? (Whatever that means.)
Do you like more serious, or more humorous interviews? I think humor is so much fun! I wish I was a funny blogger…
3. Do you like it better when the Interviewer makes a few comments 
to go along with what the answer to the last question was (i.e. Yeah, I like those authors, too)? 
Or should there just be clear cut questions, no chatting? 

I do not necessarily agree with everything on the blogs of the bloggers I interview, read at your own risk.

Please vote on the polls at the top of the page! —>

12 thoughts on “About Interviews…

  1. Katrina S says:

    1- you should do it everyday, if you have time or every mondays/sundays of the week if you seem a bit busy 2- probably a normal length one :)) 3 – put your own remarks! makes it more fun to read 🙂


  2. Emma says:

    1. I think you should do an interview once a week, like every Monday. 🙂
    2. I think that it should be 5 questions. 🙂
    3. I like funny posts, but I think it should be a mix of funny and serious. 🙂
    4. I think it would be cool to make a few comments, but only if they are necessary. 🙂

    Oh, and maybe ask the person you are interviewing if she could send about 2 or 3 pictures to include in the post. 🙂

    Hope this helped!

    PS: Did you get my email about the interview? 🙂 You replied and then I replied back, but then I never heard back from you…:) My email is: emma@thewrightfamily.name


  3. Beka says:

    1. I think you should do one or two every week (Monday and Thursday)
    2. I think it should be as long as the last one.
    3.I like more funny posts.
    4. I think clear cut questions.



  4. Chef Mommy says:

    1. Once or twice a week
    2. “normal” length (whatever that may be)
    3. a mix of funny and serious
    4. I think comments are great, they connect the interviewer, interviewee and draw the reader in, too 🙂


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