I Officially Like Randomness

 So, this is going to be a sort of random-quote / random-things-that-go-with-the-quotes kind of post.  Why? Because I like being random. The End.

# 1 The English language doesn’t always make since, sew many words have too or moor meanings.

You are what you eat? I used to eat a lot of candy like nerds and runts. I stopped… 
But I don’t know if it was soon enough.
Yeah, being a writer has made me step out of my comfort zone again and again. 
I needa keep working on it. Majorly so. 
As annoying as it can be at times… This is true. 

Anyone wanna come? 
Do you have dreams where you fly? I haven’t ever, but I think most of my family members have. 
My dreams are more likely to involve the latest books I’ve been reading. 
Side Note: I remember tons of my dreams. 
A lot of the conversations I have during the day make their way into my dreams… 
Not like the original version of the conversation though! 
Can be kind of (no make that really weird, sometimes)
This sounds like my cousin.
She gets a lot accomplished while being amazing.

Totally not a good way to make sense.
Sadly I do this when talking more often than I would lik

Right on! 

Seriously, positive thinking is huge. 
My Dad has taught me a lot about this, and it’s amazing how it really works.
Have you ever read a really sad, depressing book and gotten discouraged? 
Sort of the same thing, just switched around. Happy thoughts help people be happy! 
You should try it. =)

11 thoughts on “I Officially Like Randomness

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like randomness because it's just, um, yeah, random. I decided to randomly be funny today. I made someone laugh and then he made me laugh and my whole day got better. Try it. 😉
    ~Your SA


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