Another Lena Post

Do you remember this post, where I introduced Lena? One of my characters from my book, Dusk? Well, I’m giving you a little bit more of her story. This takes place right after the stuff from the earlier post. 

A few minutes later a man sauntered up and called out to the man who had employed Lena. “Jarl?”
“Yes Master Simon?” Jarl asked. 
“Is the job done already? I thought it would have taken you much longer.” Simon looked at the empty ground in front of him. 
“I hired a beggar girl to help me. She just left.”
“Oh, you know how unwise it is to hire beggars,” Simon said. “What beggar in this city isn’t known for thievery? I can’t afford to let my business be ruined by one petty theft after another, I thought I made it clear to you the last time you hired that boy who stole the parchment!” 
“But this beggar girl, she’s not one of the normal ones. Yesterday I saw her pick up an apple that dropped off a wagon. She put it back in the wagon, then walked away. The owner didn’t see her, so it was clear she wasn’t looking for a reward. Then I called her over to help me, mostly because I wondered if she had really put the apple back. And she had. She wasn’t carrying anything and her cloak was too ragged to hide an apple. I paid her with a crisp worth of bread yesterday and told her if she came back tonight, I would do it again. She’s a ragged little thing, like the rest of them. Easy to remember though, ‘cause of her green eyes.”
“I never knew you were one to study little beggar’s eyes,” Simon said. 
“I don’t.” Jarl shook his head and snorted. “There’s just something about this girl’s eyes you can’t forget.” 
“Well, just be careful who you hire. You never know what kind of person that beggar really is, despite her green eyes,” Simon said before turning and entering his print shop. 

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