And… We’re Home!

We’re Home! Yea! 
Believe me, it’s so nice to be back in my wonderful part of the world! 
I really do enjoy traveling and going places, but coming home is oh, so wonderful! 
I just figured it up, and I’ve been away on trips for 50 out of 142 days this year! 
That’s pretty crazy. I didn’t realize that I traveled so much until last year…
Or maybe I didn’t travel so much until last year. 
Anyway, the way I see it, the more I travel, the more ideas I get for my books. 
And speaking of books, I’ve got some really cool plots that I’m brainstorming right now.
Actually, I’ve had the ideas for a while, but I’m getting around to writing them. 
Fun, fun, fun! 
Writing, Editing, Reading…
I don’t really care what phase I’m in right now, writing is just so much fun. 

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