Award Dinner Flowers

Alright, so I’m still trying to figure out how to do this whole picture-on-the-blot thingy and I’m not sure I’m doing such a great job of it. =/ Oh well, at least I’ll get better with time.

Last night we had the Awards Dinner for this company trip we’re on. It was really cool, because our agency was (is) number one with the company we work for, and we had the number one guy in the company, so that was fun. (There are about 350 people here for the company, and around 145 of them are with our agency, which is a huge amount.)
I don’t have any pictures of the actual dinner, but I did take all these of the flowers that they had on each table. Now of course they were in vases, but I couldn’t get good pictures of them in there, so I had fun just arranging them on the tables. I ended up bringing some home, too. You can see the two paper bags I filled up. We now have them in a bunch of glasses all over our Villa that we’re staying in. 

The main flowers were the lilacs, and I thought that was cool, ‘cause they’re my favorite kind of flower, and our bush didn’t have hardly any flowers this year, because it frosted. Anyway, I had fun going around to the different tables (after the meal!), and picking out the best flowers to take back. As you can see the pictures are taken with an iphone, in bad lighting, but I think that poor quality pictures are better than none at all. =)

(Update: Yes, I did change this post, because it was really bothering me for some reason. Weird, I know.)

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