The Beach

Yesterday Evening my brother, David, and I walked down to the beach. 

It was about two miles, and most of it was downhill. 

Everything was so beautiful! 

I really liked how there were big rocks and ‘cliffs’ and such. 

It was so much fun running along the beach, 
and we were there at the prefect time too, because of the sunset. 

All these pictures were taken with an iphone, hence the quality, or lack thereof. =) 

I’ve stayed busy all day today, greeting/hanging out with our agents and such. 
It’s so much fun to get to see all of them, since we don’t get to very often!

2 thoughts on “The Beach

  1. Anonymous says:

    That sunset makes me want to dance and scream and then sit pensively and journal…. next time you gallivant off to the prettiest beaches in the world, take me…please?
    ~Your Secret Admirer


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