May is one of the best months of the year.
I could end the post with that statement, because it pretty much says it all, but I won’t.
Just think about it: 
Longer Days
Not Too Hot
Cutting Grass
Baby Birds
Brillent Flowers Everywhere
Doing Hay
Spending Family Time Together Outside…

Gentle Breezes
Warm Rains
Deer Grazing in Peace
Bright Blue Skies
Fluffy, Shinning White Clouds
Baby Animals Learning How To Live
Planting Gardens 
Harvesting Food…
(All pictures from Google Images)
And best of all:
Going Barefoot 
From May to sometime in October, you’d find it hard to find me at home with shoes on. 
So, throw off your shoes, run barefoot through the grass, 
And be happy that it’s May at last!

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