Dusk is my favorite book that I’ve written so far. The editing is completed, but I don’t have it kindle published yet. Here’s how it starts out. 

Chapter One
Dusk was settling over the countryside as a lone girl made her way along 
the road. “Natalya, you canʼt give up!” she whispered to herself. Despite the fact that her feet hurt and she was tired from walking all day, Natalya knew she had to keep going. “If I donʼt succeed in my mission, Turglar is doomed.” She pushed her dark hair, curled and frazzled from the humidity, away from her face. 
Her legs felt as if they dragged weights and her stomach growled with impatient hunger. If I had longer legs like Mother, then I could walk faster; then again, I’d probably be hungrier too. She took a small drink of water, happy the dryness of her mouth could be relieved. Earlier in the day, Natalya had found a clear flowing spring near the road, and, after drinking her fill, she had topped off her waterskin to the brim.  
Looking up at the sky, she was happy to see the stars shining down at her. She had always liked stars. Perhaps it was because she knew her Grandfather liked them.  Natalya smiled when she thought of the many times her mother had shaken her head with a grin and declared that Natalya was just like her Grandfather. 
Grandfather. I have to find him and tell him. Heʼs waited for years to hear news of Princess Shalom. Natalya stopped and took a deep breath, then, despite the weariness that cloaked her, Natalya laughed in sheer joy.  Aye, itʼs true that it took us a long time to find the truth, but in the end we triumphed. The truth is ours, and now we shall go forth and free the land. Free the people. They canʼt stop us any longer. With Grandfather, David and I working together, weʼll be able to spread the news abroad and rally those still loyal to Turglarʼs rightful heir. Princess Shalom is alive. The thought spurred Natalya on as it had often done in the past week.
Just when Natalya felt as if she couldnʼt go any farther, she rounded a bend and saw a campfire ahead with a small herd of goats nibbling the short grass nearby. Praying and asking God for safety, she left the road and made her way over to the fire, hoping the people around it would give her a little bit to eat. They were likely laborers eating a late supper, because they had been forced to work in the fields until it was too dark to see. Natalya shuddered as she thought of how the rich lords forced the lower people, the laborers, to do all the work. It had never been like that in the old kingdom. Despite her fatigue, her heart beat faster as she walked steadily towards the fire. 
* * *

4 thoughts on “Dusk

  1. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Aww, I’m glad it makes you happy, Natalya! You’re a great friend, by the way.
    Would you believe it, today I met someone else named Natalya. She’s the only other person I’ve ever met with that name. Such a beautiful name, too.


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