I’m A Writer

I sometimes wonder what it is that gets different people interested in a book.  I mean, what’s going to make you pick up a book and not want to put it down? I think it depends a lot on who you are. For me, it’s got to be a pretty bad book for me to not fall into it. I’m a writer through-and-through (even though my editing skills aren’t where they should be), so when I read a book, I want to see if I can figure out what’s going to happen before I get to the end. I study the way the author wove the storyline and characters together. I want to find out what happens next. 
If I start reading a book, there’s a good chance I’ll think of little else until the book is finished. That’s why I have learned the art of skim-reading. Maybe I shouldn’t admit to that, but it’s true. At times I can’t concentrate on other stuff until I’ve found out how the book ends. Now let me redeem myself by saying that it’s not unusual for me to re-read a book three or four times. That way I get all the details in. That way I’m able to study the foreshadowing. And the plot. And the character development. Pretty much when I read a book, I tell myself (and anyone else willing to listen), that I’m learning though reading. But if I didn’t have that excuse, I’m sure I would find another. 
For some reason, I haven’t found as many writer’s blogs as I had thought I would, but this past week I’ve finally stumbled on a few of them. After reading some of them, it made me wonder: Do you all realize I’m a writer? Or did all my talk about other subjects hide that little fact? Anyway, if anyone’s confused, I. Am. A. Writer. If any of you are new on my blog, you can see my kindle book here. Hopefully I’ll have the second book in the series up by the end of the week. 
By the way, thank you very much to everyone who’s joined my blog, visited my blog, and/or left comments! I really appreciate it. 

4 thoughts on “I’m A Writer

  1. Alley says:

    From what I have read of your blog so far, I can see that you are a great writer! I too enjoy writing. And I also read books, sometimes several times, so that I can really “get” the whole experience of reading that book.
    Happy Writing! 🙂


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