Introducing: Aria Emerson

A few months ago, one of my good friends and I each chose one of our characters, and had them write back and forth to each other. We did this because we wanted to see how well we could describe a charcter just through what she said about his/herself. 

I chose a girl I had thought about quite a bit, but with whom I had never done anything. Her name is 
Aria Emerson. 

I like books with extremes (not for every character, but at least for a few). Very rich, very smart, very 
sweet, very silly, very stuck up…You get the point. And also, I like characters in situations that we don’t experience. In on of my books I have a slave, a princess and a street child. I really enjoy stretching my imagination to try and put myself in their place. 

Anyway, I thought I’d show you all the first letter Aria wrote. Just remember, this was written for fun and so I could practice my writing skills.

To whom it may Concern: 
        My governess, Miss Emily White, informed me today that I was to write a letter with meaningful and significant pieces of information about myself. Since she hasn’t yet imparted to me the nature of where this note is going, I will do my best to comply with her particular request. 
My name is Aria Emerson, and I am sole heir of Emerson Estates. I take my responsibilities very seriously, and find it extremely difficult to be cordial with people my age who play around in a witless fashion instead of behaving in a behooving manner and studying. This past year my parents hired a tutor for me during the summer, because I was dismayed and perturbed at the mere thought of missing momentous time with my studies. They offered for me to go on a tour of Europe with them, but since I know I can do that any time I want, I chose to focus on my schooling. 
My mother is always planning charity banquets, and other such nonsense, but since she does not need my help, I never bother with attending them, but rather have begun working out business deals for my Father, something which no other 15-year-old that I know has done yet. Mother is so busy with all the society gatherings she hosts and goes to, that she barely notices me. Father though, is quite proud of the way I’ve inherited his business mind, and told me just yesterday he’s half made up his mind to see if I would like to travel to our estate in California to take charge of things there. He knows my desire is to run our business procedures in Ireland, but until I am of age, we’ve decided I won’t stay over in Europe for such an extended period of time, although I have been to Ireland eight times. 
Next week I am traveling to our Estate in Ohio, Woodland Gap, where Miss Emily and I will practice my legislative skills. 
Now I will retire to my library and finish reading my book, Business World, Abroad. 
Aria Emerson 

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