Oceania + Tidal Wave + Caribbean

Today has been busy with kids! 
(I’m guessing that’s not how you expected me to start this post with a name like it has. =) 
This morning I didn’t end up going to church, for a number of reasons, one big one was the goats. So, I stayed home and had a longer-than-usual time of reading the Bible and praying (actually I listened to the Bible dramatized; you should try it sometime!). But what I was saying about the kids is that I stayed home partly so I could check on the goats, since they’re due any day now. 

I had lunch ready for my family when they got home, and we were sitting there eating when one of my sisters went to check on the goats. And yeppers, the sneaky little goat had gone and had twins! Now I know some of you may be wondering why we want to be there when the kids are born, but it’s a long bit of explaining, and I’ll save you all the pain of trying to understand it. 

Red glow from heat lamp. Girl in the back, boy in front.

I was laying on the ground to get these pictures.
Don’t worry though, it’s not in the goats pen. =)

Anyway, my hands there so you can see the size of the kid.
My hand is rather small, by the way.
Not a great picture because she’s moving.
I wanted to show how amazing it is how they stand up so quickly.
I tried to get it so you could see the names, but I don’t think it worked. 
Oceania is the mother. We ended up naming the kids Tidal Wave and Caribbean! I think we’ll call Caribbean something like Cari though.

Also, we ended up finding names for a set of twins that were born a couple weeks ago. The grandmother’s name is Liberty and the mom’s name is Anthem, so we named the kids Pledge and Rallie. I thought those were rather cute names! =)

Anyway, I need to go now. I’m heading back up to the barn. Can you guess what I’ve been doing for the last three hours? That’s right! Laying there on the hay, reading and watching another goat, Ireland, who’s in labor. They can take forever sometimes! (Or as in Oceania’s case, be done quick as a wink… Well, not really, but that’s the saying anyway.)

Yes, I may seem a little animal crazy right now, but really I’m not. And no, I won’t have too many posts devoted to animals. In fact tomorrow I’m plan on telling you about boating! 

Today seemed so much like Spring! What’s your favorite season? 
(Mine, by the way is Autumn, although I like them all in their own way.)

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