Reading, Editing, Kids and Books

One of my goals for each week is to read/watch/listen 
to at least five hours of educational material each week. 
Some weeks, like this one, I’m running behind, 
so have to spend the weekend catching up. 
I only got a half an hour done before yesterday, 
so last night and today have been spent reading. 
Mind you, I read quite often, 
just not always books that count for my five hours. 
I have less than an hour left now, 
so I thought I’d accomplished enough to write a blog post. 
A bat we found in our house yesterday. It’s actually really small.

I also have editing I need to do. 
A very considerable amount of it. 
Slowly but surely it’s getting done, which is a good thing. 
I use way too many ‘thats’.
And I change tenses in the middle of a paragraph. 
And I use the same word over and over instead of being creative. 
Not such-a-good picture, but gives you a clue of what it looks like in our barn.

We haven’t had any more kids be born, 
although we’re waiting for them, very eagerly. 
There are around seven or so goats left to kid. 
Checking on them several times a day is getting old. 
I relish kidding season though.
I really do. 
It’s exhilarating. The anticipation is diverting and enjoyable. 
So, despite how I sound, I’m happy.
I just wish one of the goats would hurry up… 
The names of the goats who have already kidded, followed by what they had. 
A Little Glimpse At The Book I’m Editing:

Chapter Four
   I quickly unbuckled and joined Daddy and Elliot outside of the truck. 
  “Would you check the back of the cab?” Daddy was asking Elliot with a puzzled look on his face. 
  “Sure thing, Uncle Paul.” 
  What in the world is going on?
  “Ahhh, umm, it’s not there, Uncle Paul.” Elliot joined us a minute later with empty hands and a ‘what-will-we-do-now’ look on his face. 
“It must have been removed by mistake yesterday by someone when we were unloading the truck.”  
  Both Daddy and Elliot burst out laughing. 
“Did you get a good nap, Rosa?” Daddy asked. 
  “Yes…why?” I was confused. 
  “Because we’re going to get to start walking.” Daddy was still laughing. 
  “What do you mean by that?” I yawned. 
  “What I mean is our tire is flat, and the spare that we’re supposed to have in the truck isn’t in here. So, we are going to have to walk until we find a place where we can call a tow-truck.” 
  “How far away from home are we?” I asked. It felt a little strange calling a place I had never seen ‘home,’ but that’s what it was.
  “I don’t think we’re really that far away, but I’m not quite sure.” 
Then, turning to Elliot, he asked, “We haven’t passed any houses recently, have we?” 
  “No sir, not that I can remember at least.” Elliot stretched his arms high above his head and then wiggled both of his feet (not at the same time). “I’m ready to start walking whenever you are.”
  I was glad Daddy and Elliot were in such good moods. This will be like an adventure

Can you tell I’m still in a random mood? 
Well, I’ve still got an hour of reading to go, so I guess I’d better get back at it.
So, what have you been reading recently? 

3 thoughts on “Reading, Editing, Kids and Books

  1. Sierra says:

    I read a great book called The Dead Don't Dance by Charles Martin. I had also read his When Crickets Cry so I was looking forward to it 😉 It was really good! Your barn looks pretty cool 🙂 And that is and interesting glimpse into your story! I hope you can post more sometime 🙂 Yes I can understand that…having to many “that”s or “it”s…and different words and tenses? *shudder* So difficult 😦 Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)


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