My Kids… =)

        Have I mentioned that my brother and I have a goat farm? Anyway, we’re right in the middle of kidding season right now, which means we’re really busy. Once nice thing about the hours I spend up in our barn is that often the work I do doesn’t require too much thought, so I can be brainstorming my story ideas. Plus the goats love it when they hear us talking, so sometimes I’ll work through scenes from my book out loud, going over and over certain parts until it sounds right. 
Taken by my friend Marta
   We bottle feed the kids for the first several days, and then we teach them how to drink from a bucket. Here some of our kids are all eagerly slurping up their milk. It can get tiresome checking on the goats all the time, checking to see if they’re in labor, but when we get to experience a birth, it makes it all worthwhile. 
          So, do you have any animals? If so, what are they? 

15 thoughts on “My Kids… =)

  1. Zoë says:

    We have 2 does that are going to kid sometime next month! We are hoping that they are having twins, because they are so fat 🙂 lol
    We also have 2 younger dairy does that were not bred because of their age.
    We just got 3 market goats for the fair (1 doeling and 2 bucklings)….
    I have 3 cats, a grey stripe (tom), a patched (girl) and a little (he is a dwarf) cat of many colors (tom). We have a sheltie named Geneva. And not to mention our 13 brown leghorns!

    Later, Zoe


  2. Sierra says:

    I don't have any pets, but our neighbor next door has two goats. About 6 and 3 months old 🙂 They are soooo cute. I need to post pictures sometime…
    Yeah I find that talking aloud through things can really help me come up with ideas 🙂 Great design, by the way 🙂 Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)


  3. Eli says:

    Awwww! They all are so CUTE!!! Oh, You left a comment on my blog asking how many goats we have. Well, we have 12 sweet goats! 5 of them are new born babies! ♥ My favorite goat that we have is Cocoa! I really believe she is the cuties goat in the whole world!!!! If you think that you have a cute goat, you just keep on thinking that. :^) If you have seen my blog then you have probably seen Cocoa! Thanks for commenting on my blog.


    P.S. On your post you asked, “So, do you have any animals? If so, what are they?”
    Well, other then goats we have chickens and a turkey. I also own a parakeet and some fish!


  4. Lauren S. says:

    I have two cats. They're pretty easy to take care of. 🙂

    BTW, I don't know if you've done this/won it before, but in case you're interested I gave you a Versatile Blogger Award.

    You can see it here


  5. Tangerine-Tane says:

    Sweet pic! 🙂 I can imagine that it must be lovely to have a whole bunch of kids…I'll go crazy over almost any baby animal!! My family and I have 5 cats, 2 dogs and a Cockatiel. We love them all. 🙂


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