Happy Esther!

          Happy Easter! Today was such a beautiful day with dark blue skies and bright green grass. Our family got together, and we had such a fun time! Not everyone could come, but there were around 25 or so of us here. I even got to see one of my little cousins for the first time, she’s just two and a half weeks old. Her middle name is Joy, which is the same as mine, and several other people in our family. Yay for family names! 
          Whenever I’m around my cousins I come up with really cool new ideas for books. So, between last week (which I’ll be telling you all about during the next several days), and today, I’ve got tons of great ideas. Now I just need to find the time to write the books. Oh, and for a hint of what I did last week here’s a few random words, Snakes, Movies, Museums, and more. =)
          Anyway, I just wanted to tell you Happy Easter, and remind all of you who are Christians that our Savior is risen, and we can rejoice in the hope He has given to us! 
Some of our desserts from Dinner: 
(Carrot Cake)
(Birds Nests)

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